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Something different . . . .
". . . . a Century of Song"

Vintage music from the 19th and 20th centuries

Uncle Gum & Aunt Puddin

"Aunt Puddin" and "Uncle Gum"

Gum Puddin, the duo consisting of Paige "Uncle Gum" & Linda "Aunt Puddin" Murphy, plays a mix of traditional-based music, including some old-time fiddle tunes, classic bluegrass, blues, rock with a folk influence, and original works.

Our mission: find those hidden or little-known jewels of American music and share them with as many people as possible. We believe there is a rich, common culture illustrated in much of this music, and hope to contribute to its enjoyment and preservation.

"The music and songs we enjoy are rare and precious antiques." — Uncle Gum

Gum Pudding is the ONLY group in this area to feature performances of old-time fiddle tunes, clawhammer banjo, and bluegrass banjo.

On one hand, much of this timeless music sounds familiar, as it is based on traditional music you've always heard. On the other hand, the duo avoids most current mainstream hits and the more popular "performance" tunes. They focus instead on lesser known songs that have an unusual nature, or on the great classics.

You'll hear songs about . . .

Rattlesnakes, country stores, man eating-wolves, and moonshine,
Pickup trucks, doin' chores, singin' bears and the end of time

Foxes, rascals, riders, gettin' old,
Losers, gamblers, dancing bears, findin' gold

Outlaws, mules, dreams of long ago ...
Crawdads, biscuits, heroes & foes

Battles, dances, Devils, and Saints
Breakdowns, hoedowns, graveyards & haints

Found love, lost love, betrayed love, love that is true
Jumpin' songs, happy songs, and songs that are blue.

Uncle Gum & Aunt Puddin

Gum Puddin is available for:

Anniversaries, Banquets, Birthday Parties, Celebrations, Clubs, Coffee Shops, Community Events, Corporate Functions, Country Clubs, Festivals, Fund Raisers, Grand Openings, Picnics, Private Parties, Restaurants, Reunions, Retirement Parties, Veteran Celebrations

Our performance is appropriate for any event in which you want people to hear a rich tapestry of traditional based music and song.

We have a special affinity for events of a historical, patriotic, or community heritage nature. Many of our favorite renditions are songs with historical subjects and themes.

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Uncle Gum & Aunt Puddin

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